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Jackall Gigantarel


With the big swimbait revolution currently gripping the Australian Murray Cod and Barramundi fishing scene, the release of Jackall’s biggest and meanest swimbait, the Gigantarel, couldn’t have been timed better.


The Gigantarel is by far one of the biggest baits in the Jackall stable at over 200mm in length and weighing close to a house brick at a whopping 153gm. Without question, It’s the biggest and baddest Bandito bikie in the Jackall swimbait gang.


While it’s the big brother in the family it hasn’t lost any of its finesse with the same lifelike action that you become accustom too with a Jackall lure, which is sure to make any Murray cod or Barramundi quiver in fright.


Just like his smaller comrades the Gantarel (160mm) and Chibitarel (130mm), the beefed up Gigantarel uses its protruding pectoral fins to dive around one metre in depth and snake through the water with a tantalising S shape swimming action.


Again, like a mirror of its brothers it has two tow points making it a versatile sub and surface lure. If you want a top-water bait that has a seductive sway along the waters surface tie the lure, via a loop knot, to the bottom tow point. If you want the lure diving around 4ft in depth tie your leader onto the top tow point and it will drag the lure down in the water column.


Due to the sheer size and weight of the scale-crushing lure, a big watch out I noticed when I first flung the bibless lure was the need to upsize your standard Cod or Barra rod. I had to put my favourite 6kg 7’ Venom baitcaster back in the rack and call on the new Venom 10kg 7’6” Swimbait rod.


Using the right tools for the trade will mean you get the most out of your lure and give yourself the best chance at nailing that career defining fish.


So, if you are looking to wade into the big bait revolution currently sweeping the Australian freshwater scene, try one of Jackall’s new Gigantarel swimbaits – you wont be disappointed.


They will be available from all good Australian Jackall retailers from December 2016.



Make/Model – Jackall Gigantarel

Length – 200mm

Weight – 5.4oz / 153 grams

Depth – 0-4ft

Class – Floating

RRP – $84.95

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