Hank Tune Squirrel 79



SuperDD Squirrel79 Hank Tune(Original Model) – The most popular deep diving Barramundi Jerkbait on the market. Tested and designed by Harry Watson for the big Barra in lakes like Awonga. Monduran and Faust. And the northern river systems where a steep dive is required.

The Squirrels fish catching ability goes much further than any other jerkbait on the market.

Features like

– It’s high pitch vibration and rolling action.

– Steep diving ability.

– Stability when twitched as hard as you wish or rolled as fast as you like.

– 80mm baitfish slender body profile.

– perfect suspending action when paused.

– Hook design for positive hookups and minimal lost fish.

– Terminals rigged straight from the box for big Barra.

With all these features – this is an out of the box, super Barramundi lure.   Hank Tune lures are the highest quality Japanese made lures on the market.

Upgraded with X-strong rings and hooks for our biggest predators.Tuned to swim perfectly straight from the pack and handle big fish.





Weight 12.3gm.  Depth 3mtr.

DD Squirrel79 Hank Tune –  The newest model to our Hank Tune series. This lure is the same body as our original Super DD Squirrel Hank Tune with a slightly smaller bib on a different angle. This change allows this model to run approximately a meter shallower but with a stronger and more erratic action.

This lure carries the same Hank Tune hardware and Japanese quality paintwork as all our lures.


DD Squirrel 79 Silent



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