B CRAWL SWIMMER + Flapper 3.8

The B-Crawl Swimmer is a weedless skirted jig that has been designed to be steadily retrieved. Featuring 2 pliable weed guards that will allow you to fish the jig tight in the structure without the fear of loosing it to a snag. When the fish strike these fold down easily allowing for a better hook set than a conventional skirted jig.

With the addition of a soft plastic jig trailer like the Flapper 3.8 it turns the jig into a fleeing crayfish or shrimp. This can be ideal if you are hopping the jig through weed or down rocky banks. If fishing open water schools try adding a paddle tail to the jig like the 3.8″ Rhythm Wave and use the count down method to fish all depths. 

Available in a wide range of fish catching colours.  

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