A weekend away with Hank, Youngy & Heath Tackle Testing

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A weekend away with Hank, Youngy & Heath Tackle Testing


Recently did four days on Kinchant dam and Teemburra dam. Just a little bit of tackle testing.

Water levels were low and falling and so fishing was a bit slow. Most of the fish in Kinchant were deep and suspending around the 20ft mark.

In Teemburra we only seem to get any action late in the arvo and into the night up to about 10pm.

Super DDSquirrel79 Hank Tune [HL Cream Ayu] produced in the shallows for Heath on the first arvo.


That night we pulled a couple of fish up to 90cm on Transams



Off to Teemburra for the next couple of afternoons. Most fish were coming just on dark off sunken points hopping Transams and rolling Dagger minnows.

IMG_0062 IMG_0078


Had a day session in Kinchant hopping Trannies in deep water for a couple of big girls.

IMG_0122 IMG_0134


Last night we hit Teemburra for some nice size fish on the new DD Squirrel Hank tune and Trannies.

IMG_0058 IMG_0077 IMG_0162 IMG_0170


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